Google Manual Penalty Recovery

Did you notice sudden drop in your website traffic? Have you received an unnatural links notification? Yes, then approach us today Since years, we have 100% proven track record in dealing with manual actions for unnatural links and work discreetly and professionally for removing links that may cause harm to your website ranking. We have helped several businesses to recover from manual penalty

What is manual penalty?

Manual penalties usually take the form of variety of messages and are applied by concerned member/s of Google’s web spam team when any website violates quality guidelines set by Google. These quality guidelines are set so that every website makes use of white hat SEO techniques and gives the best user-friendly experience.

Why Google penalizes a website?

Google manual penalty takes the form of an E-mail which informs the website owner about the penalty imposed on their website. Some website owners may wonder as to why it happened. These mails are sent only to the website owner who makes use of manipulating or deceiving content or unnatural links to their website. When a website is penalized, it loses its rank and reputation and moreover it is not able to get back to its previous position until and unless you correct all the pertaining problems of Google manual penalty.

    The recovery process followed by us:

  • First of all, we collect all the backlinks which point to your website from various sources.
  • Then we manually review all the collected backlinks and classify the links which need to be removed.
  • We send E-mails on your behalf for each website for removal of unnatural and spammy links and format disavow file.
  • We draft all the work carried out by us and then submit reconsideration request to Google as per its guidelines.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis to ensure that client’s website is successfully recovered or not.


It should be sent to Google for website/s which has received a warning for unnatural link. These types of warnings can be found in the webmaster tools under the Manual Action. By sending this request, the website owner requests Google to reconsider his website for ranking.


  • Our team manually carries out website audit and classifies each and every link of your website.
  • We send right and suitable E-mails for removal of links.
  • We have required expertise, experience, knowledge and skill-set regarding how to format relevant documents for instance, disavow.txt.
  • We draft extensive documentation and evidence of work carried out by our team.
  • We make every possible effort to maintain as many quality links as possible.
  • We have built up an extensive database that comprises of low quality sites which can affect your website’s ranking in any way.

Unlike other companies, we don’t promise recovery procedure overnight. Google recovery is a gradual procedure which demands that every step should be taken with immaculate care and precision. The range of manual recovery services offered by our company promises to rescue your website from Google’s manual penalty in the least possible guaranteed time. Thus, come to us to get the best recovery services for Google penalty.