Has your site experienced a sudden drop in online traffic and sales due to spammy link-building ? It is indication of a link-based penalty.


Google is taking strict measures and steps against spammers with an aim to improve user experience. Further it employs algorithmic updates and manual penalties with the objective to target and devalue manipulative websites. The ongoing changes in Google’s search engine algorithm have created a negative impact on several businesses. Updates from Panda and Penguin have caused serious implications for numerous brands. It can be said that these updates have hurt legitimate businesses who were not aware of it, worked with wrong or unethical SEO companies or who felt that black hat SEO techniques were the only best way to stay competitive in the online community.

We have served several clients across the globe who found themselves in problem before they approached us for assistance. Pin your trust on us and we will help your website to deal with Google manual penalty recovery

Penguin penalty recovery. With us you can compete online that too without putting your website at risk in future.

If in case you are not able to properly identify as to what kind of action is causing harm to your website, your response to the action can actually aggravate this problem. It has been observed that several businesses respond to penalty or updates by implementing following steps:

  • Delete low or poor quality links from their website
  • Submitting reconsideration request for the website
  • While others who are not aware of these steps simply fear about how to make things better or what type of actions should be taken to recover their website from penalty or updates.


When you approach us and assign us the task for recovery process, then first of all our team analyses your site, its web traffic and link profile to find out the cause of sudden drop in site traffic. Further, after obtaining these details we will identify whether it was the result of update, link devaluation or penalty, all of them are unique in nature. Then, we work together to devise an effective plan for recovery process so that it can help you to exceed previous levels of web traffic in a better way.

Our guaranteed results have set us apart in the industry by positioning our company as quality experts offering the best recovery services. Call us today to know how we can help you out in the best way.


    • Google Webmaster Tools:

With the help of this tool, we download all inbound links with the help of which we remove bad links. After this, DA (domain authority) of links is identified as DA proves helpful in determining the authenticity of website. The inbound links to your site should be free from sites that have relevant data as yours and yes it should not be from free-host websites. Allow links that are worthy and valuable for your site traffic and ranking. If your website has been hit by Google penalty and you want to learn more about bad backlinks, then you should probably read in detail about Google’s webmaster guidelines.

    • Ahref:

It is basically a large database comprising of links which are updated every 2 weeks. You can then consider exporting links to CSV. Even though free plan is available with this tool, you can opt for paid plan to gain access to more data. The graphics of this website provides visual stats about your site’s performance in terms of backlinks along with accurate information. It can be considered as a brilliant tool which proves very helpful in several link removal campaigns. With the help of this tool, you can quickly narrow down sitewide links followed/nofollowed links and lot more.

    • Open Site Explorer:

If your website has been hit by Google update or penalty, then simply visit and type in your domain name. It can also be termed as comparison tool which gives information on how your website stands, next to your competitors and provides you with useful insights about how to improve opportunities. After your website gets loaded, click the ‘Advanced Reports’ tab and choose ‘Links which come from: External linking page’ and leave rest of the settings. Then click on export links. It is a backlink checker tool introduced by Moz which has impeccable features.

    • Disavow backlink process:

For this, we make use of Disavow tool which comes added into webmaster tools. This tool was launched by Google in the year 2012 to help webmasters to remove spammy or low quality links from site. You should make use of this tool only if you are confident about links you want to get removed from your site. Usually, this tool is used only when you are not able to remove bad or poor links from your site by any means. To disallow links, ensure that links are low quality or spammy ones and then make use of this tool. In disavow link process, you need to first get a full list comprising of links to your website. Then create a file to let Google know about the links you want to disavow. This should be the actual final file which you must upload in your webmaster tools account.

Give us a call today and we will respond back to you with the best solution for your site if it has been affected by Google penalty or update.