Magento Speed Optimization services

To run an e-shopping website successfully, speed optimization plays a vital role. If your site is running slowly, there are chances to lose customers. Your e-portal must catch the interest of people in just few seconds; otherwise, they will go to a competitor’s site. Just by keeping the website’s loading speed fast, you will keep your customers coming back for more. By providing the Speed Up Magento Optimization service, our experts ensure that you get to show up fast results and take action quickly against any request made with fast page caching.

With Magento Speed Optimization services, Penguin Penalty Recovery creates immense possibilities for you to connect your online audience. We know what the needs of latest ecommerce platform are and keep them linked with system practices while optimizing the speed of your e-shopping website. Our skilled professionals are known for putting their best with search result, category assortment, request parameters, navigation menu, sessions, store, installation, and downloads. Thus, we will help you to take the complete charge of everything that your site requires to have in terms of speed.

So, contact us soon if your Magento site is slower than you would like. At Penguin Penalty Recovery, we use Magento optimization techniques like Full Page Caching, Defer JavaScript Magento Extension, hardware configurations and other internal Magento tweaks. Our Speed up Magento Optimization service is as per the Google Page Speed standards.

To fit your speed up Magento plugins, we first understand your exact requirement by considering the unique structure and content of your site, how much data you have, the version of Magento you use, and any customizations you are running. And then, tailor the specific service for you. When upgrading has been done, your site will be loading pages in just one or two seconds, means in a flash.

Our team of real developers has experience in Magento core architecture. They will perform a complex analysis of your website including both server and Magento speed optimization analysis to bring the best possible performance result.

    The Magento performance and Speed Optimization includes:

  • Server environment checking
  • Magento code optimization
  • Magento settings checking.
  • Magento profiling
  • Frontend optimization.
  • Database performance.
  • Nginx webserver installation.
  • MySQL server tuning.
  • PHP tuning.
  • Advanced server caching.
  • Disable unnecessary Magento modules.
  • Enable flat catalogs for smaller webshops.

After optimizing your website, we will also recommend some simple procedures that you can follow to make sure it always runs as fast as possible. Our prices are quite reasonable and we offer a specific quote that considers all operational details of your website. Get in touch with us to speed up Magento. If you are ready to speed up your website, just drop us a line and we will offer you a free, no-obligation quote or free consultation.