Revoked Artificial Links | Unnatural Links Penalty Recovery Services

Our company has achieved great success at getting Google unnatural links warning penalty removed from a website. In several complicated cases, our team has successfully helped website owners even when reputed SEO firms have failed. The main goal of our company is to get Google manual penalty removed, but retain good links as much as possible so that you can regain rankings for your website.

Why do website reconsideration requests usually fail?

Here are some of the noteworthy reasons which describe why a website usually fails a reconsideration request:

Poor knowledge about which links need to be removed – It sometimes becomes very difficult to identify as to which is natural link or unnatural link. By removing too many links, you may cause harm to your website’s rankings. If in case you don’t deal with enough of your website links, then Google might not consider your website.
Insufficient knowledge of disavow tool – After having collected all the bad links which you can remove from your site, you can make use of disavow tool which proves helpful in removing bad links. This tool helps you to request Google to disavow the list of bad links submitted by you. Make sure you format your disavow.txt file correctly then it will not work properly.

  • We have the required experience and technical know-how in getting Google penalty removed from your site. Our professional team knows which types of links should be removed and which links should be allowed to remain on your site. We know the exact procedure of getting links removed in the most effective way and how to precisely communicate efforts of getting link removed to Google. In addition to this, we have plethora of experience of making use of disavow tool. We have a successful track record of getting penalties removed even before the disavow tool was introduced.

    Our professional team undertakes the process of removing Google penalty from your site. They visit each domain and manually evaluate links. This is one of the best effective ways to ensure that all good links are maintained which in turn provides you with the best chance to regain rankings once the Google penalty is removed.

  • We charge price as per domains and not based on links. Wherever necessary, we will assess individual links based on a domain. Our price range is mainly based on number of domains which are reported on We make it a point to use multiple sources to find as many links as possible to your site and base our price on number of links which are shown in

We provide quote to our clients by determining how many domains have dofollow links to your website and base our price quote on this number. In case, if you are not sure about how many domains are there which have dofollow links to your site, then you can contact us and we will give you a no obligation quote!

Want to discuss your unnatural links issue with us? Call us today or drop us a mail. We will get back to you with the best solution for unnatural links recovery process.